We have some incredibly exciting news to share!  After a year of blood, sweat and tears, we’re finally bringing to fruition one our most ambitious dreams yet!  That dream being to make aviation a much greater part of our lives.  Mark was offered the most incredible job, an opportunity so perfect I cried the moment he told me.  He’s recently begun working as an aviation mechanic in Idaho for the most phenomenal company and will soon become a flight instructor.  The aviation community holds a special place in both our hearts, but for Mark it’s his calling…just as photography is mine.  We’re now going to be splitting our time between Colorado and Idaho, a dream in itself for this wandering spirit of mine.  This summer will be Mark’s last season photographing weddings.  We had a damn good run as business partners for the last 14 years but if there’s anything I truly love in life, it’s changing things up and seeing where new opportunities might lead!

Mark’s new gig started last week with helping relocate two planes from San Francisco to Phoenix to Idaho.

What does that mean for the future of IN Photography?

Well…not a whole lot will change actually!  For the last couple of years we’ve been working on phasing Mark out of the business.  He knew he was ready to pursue another career and so we needed to begin freeing up his time in order to act on any possible opportunities.  While Mark will still be shooting alongside me this summer, that is the last aspect of the business that he has yet to step away from.  Starting next year, this little business that we’ve taken from childhood dream to thriving career over the course of the last 14 years will be all mine.  I feel beyond blessed that not only do I get to keep this business going, but I have a renewed sense of excitement to make it better than it’s ever been.  With the experience I have from photographing over 300 weddings,  I plan on continuing to deliver the same product and experience that IN always has.

The most wonderful aspect of this change, and why I see this business just getting better, is that for the first time ever we’ll be a dual-income family.  With that, I aim to commission around 14 Colorado weddings rather than 25-30.  This opportunity giving me more time to deliver the absolute best experience for my couples that I can.


Will I keep shooting weddings in Colorado?

YES!  While Mark’s job will primarily take place in Idaho, we’ll be splitting our time between Colorado and Idaho with the bulk of the summer being spent in Colorado.  I may not be a skier, I may hate the cold but if there is one thing I am truly, deeply, madly in love with (besides my husband) it’s summer in Colorado.

Summer + Colorado + photography + weddings = my bliss.

Bookings for the 2019 season have already begun and I cannot wait to meet the 14 couples whose love stories I’ll have the honor of documenting next summer.  Until then…stay tuned for all the beauty that’s about to unfold this season!  It all starts in two weeks!!!