It’s hard to believe we’ve been blogging now for 11 years and have written over 900 posts!  A few weeks ago a client asked for suggestions on what to wear to their engagement portrait session and I couldn’t believe the post I usually send with tips was written 5 years ago.  Seems it’s time for an update!

Choosing the perfect outfit can be stressful.  Honestly, I’d forgotten this until last fall when Mark & I had our photos taken for the first time in years and I changed my mind about five thousand times on what to wear.  Even after I’d decided, I think I had three other outfits in the car just in case I changed my mind…again.  While we can’t tell you exactly what to wear, we can give you a few tips to help you decide!


1.  Be YOU!  Don’t stray from your everyday style.  Comfort is key.  If you’re trying to be someone you’re not and you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll come off stiff in your photos.  Whatever you decide to wear should make you feel confident and comfortable.

2.  Mix it up.  Unless you have one outfit that you absolutely love, bring a second outfit.  It’s great to give yourself options.  In the winter this could just be adding a coat and/or scarf.  If the two of you like to dress up, try one casual and one formal outfit.  You can also use this opportunity to mix up the color scheme-your first outfit could be neutrals, while your second adds a pop of color.

3.  Color coordinate.  Coordinating outfits look great in photos.  Remember in the 90s when everyone wore jeans and white shirts in photos?  This is not what I’m talking about!  You each want your own sense of style while also sharing a cohesiveness in your color palette.  There are some great examples below.

4.  Consider your wedding colors.  If you’re using one of your Engagement Portraits for your Save The Dates, think about an outfit that incorporates your wedding colors.  This ties everything together nicely.

5.  Compliment your surroundings.  The location, time of year and what you wear are the three main factors that make up the overall look of your engagement photos.  We suggest not wearing black in winter since it photographs so dark against the snow.  When everything is bright green at the start of the summer, rich blue hues, bright pink, yellow and orange are great compliments to the environment.  In the fall, deeper hues such as red and purple are gorgeous.  You can also never go wrong with neutrals such as tan, grey and blue.

6.  Accent with prints/patterns.  Prints and patterns look great as long as they’re not overdone.  A shirt with a busy pattern can easily be distracting in photos.  Stick with solids or use patterns sparingly by accenting with a scarf or base layer.

Like I mentioned above, your outfit, your location and the time of year will be the three factors that determine the overall look of your photos.  If you love bright, bold color think about wearing some color to really make your photos POP!  If you love that soft, romantic look go for neutrals.  Here are a some great examples to help you choose the perfect outfit for your engagement portrait session!





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