In September, when we pulled up to Jen & Josh’s Vail wedding and saw Dusty from Cinepro Studios get out of the car in front of us, I was ecstatic.  You see, not all videographers are created equal.  Just like photographers, they all have a different style, a different approach to their work.  Since video and photo are such closely related mediums, it’s so vital that we’re all able to work together seamlessly.  Mark & I are all about letting the beautiful moments of a wedding unfold organically, but if a videographer is standing next to us orchestrating and staging every moment, it becomes challenging to capture genuine moments.

So when couples hire like-minded videographers that are as easy-going as they are talented, I want to be sure everyone knows about them!  In my inbox this morning was an e-mail from Dusty with a link to Jen & Josh’s highlight reel.  We NEVER get to see these because we never think to ask.  Not only was Dusty thoughtful enough to send it over but it was the perfect excuse for me to tell you guys about him.

If you’re looking for the perfect videographer for your wedding, I can’t recommend Dusty enough.  Check out this gorgeous video from Jen & Josh’s wedding and then give him a shout!

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