And why you should never decide based on their Instagram feed.

I’ve always felt as though a photographer’s website is a too perfectly curated body of work to completely convey what a photographer is all about.  Instagram is ten times worse.  Instagram is a great place to start finding styles and personalities you like, it’s a terrible place to make your final decision.


When searching for the perfect wedding photographer, there is so much more to consider beyond their style.  Like…


  • Is their work consistent?
  • Will they capture what’s important to you or focus on what best suits their portfolio?
  • What does an entire wedding gallery look like, is it harmonious with their website and social media presence?
  • How do they handle unfavorable conditions? Bad light? Tight quarters?
  • Do they work well under pressure?
  • Are they efficient and organized?
  • Do they work well with others? (every wedding is like an orchestra and takes an entire team of professionals working together to be a success)
  • How do they handle inclement weather or uncooperative family members or complicated family dynamics?
  • Are they professional?  More importantly, are they kind and easy to be around?
  • Do they have good reviews?
  • Will they ask you to stage or reenact moments?  How do you feel if they do?
  • Will they answer your calls and texts in a timely fashion?
  • Will they help with your timeline?
  • How long will it take to get your photos?

Your wedding photography is not a product you buy.  It’s an experience you invest in, in hopes of walking away with your memories in tangible form.  In my opinion, the experience itself is just as important as the photographs themselves. 


If the process of creating the photos is a headache, the magic of the photographs will be lost.


An Instagram feed does not reveal anything about the experience, it simply teases you with the idea of a perfectly captured moment.  Be drawn in to an Instagram feed, that’s an awesome place to start.  But let that simply be the start of your gathering of information.  From there, go to their website, find out more.  Do you like their vibe?  Dig thru some blog posts.  Check out there bio.  If you like what you see dig even deeper and get in touch.  See if they reply promptly and if they sound friendly.  Finally, set up a meeting.  Whether it’s a phone call or video call or in-person meeting, get a feel for what they’re all about.  Are they interested in getting to know you? Are they excited to be a part of your wedding?  Ask them tons of questions and see how willing and confident they are in their answers.  Most importantly, do they sound like someone you’d like to have within close proximity of you for the entirety of one of the most significant days of your life?  The answer should be an enthusiastic YES.  If it’s not, go back to the drawing board and find the photographer that feels right. 

You only get to do this once.  Your wedding lasts a day.  Your photographs last forever.  You should be confident in the person you trust with such a significant responsibility.

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